Qingxi Theater

Qingxi Theater

Qingxi Theater is located in Qingxi Village, Yiyang High-tech Zone, a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot and a famous rural red cultural heritage village in China. The total construction area of the project is 7811.93 square meters. There are 917 audience seats in the theater. There are 1 underground floor and 3 above ground floors. The building height is 24 meters. The building structure is a frame truss structure. Mechanical lifting stage, electric curtain, electric boom, high-precision LED, full digital surround sound system and other equipment are readily available. There are also mobile auditoriums and VIP reception rooms. The venue can provide high-quality and characteristic services such as conferences and exhibitions, various large-scale musical performances, and customized activities. It is one of the important measures for Yiyang High-tech Zone to implement the rural revitalization strategy to build beautiful villages, strengthen cultural supply, and build a cultural and artistic highland. one.



China pays attention to the concept of 'beautiful artistic conception' and 'harmony between man and nature'. The overall night scene of Qingxi Theater follows this concept. The architectural expression is clearly defined, fully expressing the characteristics of architectural culture and beauty, full of rhythm and nurturing sense, and through reasonable lighting methods , cleverly uses the control system and LED smart screen to light up the building, bringing a visual feast to the audience, and comprehensively adopts various lighting techniques and new technologies to achieve the purpose of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.



Construction difficulties

Difficulty 1: The shape of each area is irregular, the structure of the glass curtain wall is complex, and the distribution of connection claws is irregular, which greatly increases the difficulty of construction.

Difficulty 2: There are folded corners and oblique sides in the adjacent area. In order to maximize the display effect, there are 24 kinds of light bar length specifications, and there are many kinds of unit combinations. It is difficult to install on-site sorting, classification, and sub-regional correspondence, and the error rate is high. .

Difficulty 3: The complex structure brings great difficulty to the preliminary size review. There is a large deviation between the size of the design drawings and the actual completed size. During the installation of the louver screen, the length of the light bar at random positions will be adjusted.

Difficulty 4: Structural interference at multiple connecting claws. During the installation process, one or several light bars of the screen unit need to be removed to avoid the connecting claws and fix them, and then restore the original position of the removed light bars.

Difficulty 5: The space behind the screen is limited, and the tee line of the louver screen will interfere with the curtain wall structure at individual positions. It is necessary to add a 90-degree M9 extension line to avoid the curtain wall structure.

Difficulty 6: The direction of each light bar is arranged along the direction of the keel structure. The direction of the light bar at the splicing of adjacent areas is inconsistent. The pixel splicing correspondence requires high precision, which brings great difficulty to the control modeling production. Due to on-site errors, multiple adjustments will be required. Shape files for best results.







 Reasonable avoidance of curtain wall connection claws


The power control is placed in a unified manner, which is convenient for later management and maintenance.


Transparent and concise, see the light but not the light


Project landing

An Introduction

       Minghao's louver screen adopts all-round visual and multi-functional design, and integrates the structural design concept of lightness, thinness and transparency to reduce the load-bearing burden of the external wall and steel frame of the screen body. Affecting the beauty, it is transparent and concise, without destroying the original curtain wall structure, and technically realizes the night view of the light but not the light. The power control is placed uniformly, which is convenient for later management and maintenance. Minghao LED outdoor full-color display is equipped with a more comprehensive and compatible addition system, which can play materials of various formats, bring more styles for advertising, and also provide the best advertising carrier for theaters.


1. High transmittance

   The width of the light bar is less than 14mm, which makes the product's permeability as high as 72%. The screen is installed on the inside or outside of the glass curtain wall, which does not affect the lighting in the building. Installed on the top of the building, the high permeability can effectively reduce wind resistance.

2. High brightness

   The light source of the light bar adopts 346 in-line lamp beads, the color consistency is very good, and the brightness of the display screen is above 7200CD/m², which can fully meet the needs of bright screen day/night.

3. High grayscale, high refresh

   The screen body adopts static control chip, and the gray level can reach 65536 levels. The product starts to gray from 1, and can achieve low brightness and high gray. Screen refresh rate ≥ 5000HZ.

4. Easy to maintain

   The LED light bar can be maintained in the front or in the rear. Different light bar fixing methods can be selected according to the different application places of the display screen. If the display screen is installed on the outer wall of the building, the replacement light bar adopts the front maintenance method; On the inside of the glass curtain wall, it is more effective to replace the light bar with post-maintenance.

5. Long-distance power supply

   The louver screen adopts a patented power supply solution suitable for ultra-long-distance power supply, so that the power control box can be placed in a suitable position according to the actual needs of the site without affecting the appearance of the display screen, and it is easy to maintain later.

6. High security

   The low-voltage DC 48V power supply is used instead of the conventional AC 220V power supply, so that the power supply voltage of the screen body is lower than the safe voltage that the human body can withstand. Outdoor installation considers pedestrians touching the screen or the construction personnel and later maintenance personnel. The damage caused by the leakage of the screen body.

7. Flexible control

   The light strip control signal is transmitted in parallel, each light strip can work independently, any removal of one will not affect the work of other light strips, and the length of the light strip can be customized arbitrarily, so that it can adapt to complex installation environments and irregular display shapes. needs.

8. High protection level

   Protection class IP67, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. The light bar is made of high-strength aviation-grade stretched aluminum profiles, and the surface is treated with fluorocarbon spraying, so that the product has good heat dissipation and anti-corrosion performance.

9. Ultra-light weight

   The weight of the screen body per square meter does not exceed 10.8kg, which is easy to install and can reduce labor and transportation costs.

Product parameters



Lamp Bead SpecificationsDIP346
Cell size


Beam angleHorizontal and vertical:120°/60°
Maximum power260W/㎡
average power90W/㎡
pixel pitch


Light bar size


unit resolution


pixel density800pix/㎡
refresh rate>5000Hz
Protection classIP67
Operating temperature-20℃~45℃
service life≥50000 h
Relevant certificationCE ROHS FCC

Product Image


Product Image




Qingxi Theater


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