Shenzhen Dongbin Flyover

Shenzhen Dongbin Flyover

Dongbin Overpass is located at the intersection of Dongbin Road and Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan Street, Shenzhen. The overpass is like a flying seagull, spanning Dongbin Road and Nanshan Avenue. The district talent concept is integrated into the beauty of the building. The seagull symbolizes the talented elites who have returned from overseas, showing the design aesthetics and novelty of 'wisdom Nanshan, leading talents', and at the same time means 'the bridge of talents'.



The awning of the sky bridge blocked the scorching sun from the outside, the breeze was gentle, and it was cool and comfortable. The overpass is like a huge and exquisite work of art, turning the originally messy three-way intersection into a beautiful scenery. Looking from the bridge, the black asphalt road, the neat traffic flow, the garden community and high-end office buildings next to it come into view one by one. Every step is a scene, and every angle is a landscape painting. As night falls and the lights are on, the pedestrian overpass on Nanshan Avenue on Dongbin Road shines with neon lights, and the stars at the top of the overpass symbolize the brilliance of talents gathering in Nanshan District.



The LED louver screen has the characteristics of light weight, high brightness, strong permeability, and low wind load, which breaks through the many limitations of traditional LED display screens on building walls. The LED louver screen combines the advantages of high definition, high quality and high grayscale of the conventional LED display, fully integrates the centralized control and long-distance transmission technology, and fundamentally solves the problem of the transmission of the LED display due to signal interruption. The screen body is spliced with aluminum alloy light strips, and each group of light strips adopts signal isolation technology, so that a single strip can be damaged without affecting each other. The unit screen has efficient heat dissipation, no need for air conditioning, and can be installed in the front or rear, making engineering applications simpler, more flexible, and more efficient. It is the best choice for outdoor display screens.



An Introduction

Bridge lighting is becoming more and more important in today's society. It is not only related to the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, but also to reducing the visual fatigue of drivers and controlling light pollution. With the development of social economy, more and more vehicles are used, which puts forward higher requirements for bridge lighting detection. The louver screen of Minghao adopts all-round visual and multi-functional design, and integrates the structural design concept of lightness, thinness and transparency to reduce the load-bearing burden of the external wall and steel frame of the screen body. Provide the best advertising carrier. The city night scene becomes more beautiful under the rendering of the LED louver screen, presenting a beautiful and wonderful picture.


1. High transmittance

The width of the light bar is less than 14mm, which makes the product's permeability as high as 72%. The screen is installed on the inside or outside of the glass curtain wall, which does not affect the lighting in the building. Installed on the top of the building, the high permeability can effectively reduce wind resistance.

2. High brightness

The light source of the light bar adopts 346 in-line lamp beads, the color consistency is very good, and the brightness of the display screen reaches more than 4800CD/m², which can fully meet the needs of bright screen at night.

3. Easy to maintain

The LED light bar can be maintained in the front or in the rear. Different light bar fixing methods can be selected according to the application site of the display screen. If the display screen is installed on the outer wall of the building, the front maintenance method is used to replace the light bar; if the display screen is installed in On the inside of the glass curtain wall, it is more effective to replace the light bar with post-maintenance.

4. Control can be flexible

The light strip control signal is transmitted in parallel, each light strip can work independently, any removal of one will not affect the work of other light strips, and the length of the light strip can be customized arbitrarily, so that it can adapt to complex installation environments and irregular display shapes. needs.

5. High protection level

Protection class IP67, indoor or outdoor application. And the light bar is made of high-strength aviation-grade extruded aluminum profiles, and the surface is treated with a special environmental protection mid-sodium salt solution for film treatment, so that the product has good heat dissipation and anti-corrosion performance.

6. Ultra-light weight

The weight of the screen body per square meter is less than 10 kg, which is convenient for quick installation and can reduce labor and transportation costs.

Product parameters

Lamp Bead SpecificationsDIP346
Cell size


Beam angleHorizontal and vertical:120°/60°
Maximum power225W/㎡
average power75W/㎡
pixel pitch

Center distance between two points25mm,center distanc


Light bar size14mm*1000mm
Light bar resolution1pix*48pix
pixel density800pix/㎡
refresh rate>5000Hz
Protection classIP67
Operating temperature-20℃~45℃
service life≥50000 h
Relevant certificationCE ROHS FCC




Shenzhen Dongbin Flyover


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