Art embraces technology | Minvol Technology helps 2021 Shenzhen Light and Shadow Art Season to win

2021 Shenzhen Light and Shadow Art Season

Light and shadow works based on integration into the life of citizens

Discovered a more flexible urban space

A more vigorous nighttime economy, a more colorful urban spectrum

During the event from December 18, 2021 to February 18, 2022, a large number of light and shadow art works will appear on the city streets of Shenzhen, bringing the unexpected beauty to the citizens. The works cover various types such as light and shadow installations, 3D projections, light and shadow sculptures, luminous inflatable models, immersive spaces and water works.

In order to better demonstrate the artistry, academic and international influence of the Light and Shadow Art Season, the organizing committee invited 32 representatives from the fields of art, design, lighting, media, and the public to form a jury, focusing on the theme of the works, local After the publicity is completed, 10 Gold Awards, 20 Starlight Awards, and 20 Qiguang Awards will be selected.

These excellent works have ignited people's novel imagination of daily life with innovative artistic presentation, and also added different aesthetic scenes and exploration interests to the city.

After fierce competition, 'Unbounded · Like a Fish in Water' stood out from 284 light and shadow art works in 145 groups and won only 10 gold awards.


Gold Award  ✦

 Boundless • Like a duck in water  

    杜健翔(DASUN 大晟环艺)

    Shenzhen Minvol Technology Co., Ltd. 


The Dasheng team and the Minvol team sincerely cooperate, and the art embraces technology, which is perfectly presented in 'Unbounded · Like a Duck in Water', which uses the following new technologies and new products of Minvol Technology:

Smart Lighting Cloud Service

Cultural tourism light show system 

Next Generation Video Glass




▲Minvol Video Glass

     The video glass in the picture is a revolutionary product developed and launched by Minvol Technology after a year of research and development. It adopts a new patented design to make the product's permeability exceed 90%; the double-sided fully tempered ultra-clear glass reduces the thickness of the screen to 7.5mm; The project needs to customize the size; the product uses high grayscale chips; the protection level is IP65; the sealing is good, which can meet the application of indoor and outdoor multi-scenarios.