Micro LED Ecological Alliance Conference opens in Xiamen

On December 17, Tianma 2021 Micro LED Ecological Alliance Conference opened in Xiamen. At the conference, Tianma displayed its new achievements in Micro LED research and development and Tianma's latest Micro LED products.

5.04' Micro LED Video Wall

Tianma showed a 5.04-inch Micro LED splicing display. Tianma said that this splicing display has the world's highest PPI splicing unit, a single-screen resolution of 480*320, and a pixel pitch of 222um. It adopts LTPS TFT drive technology and adopts GOA in Pixel design, High-precision cutting technology and integrated packaging can realize the display of seam close to 0, and the screen can realize 2*N infinite splicing. The display screen has two forms of short-side pairing and four-side spelling, which are suitable for different application scenarios.

Micro LED生态联盟大会在厦门开幕

short side

Micro LED生态联盟大会在厦门开幕

Four-piece display

9.38' Transparent Micro LED Display

Tianma demonstrated its second-generation transparent display, and claimed to be the world's first small pixel pitch Micro LED display with transparency > 70%. The resolution of the transparent screen is 960*480, the pixel pitch is 222um, and it is based on LTPS TFT drive technology. Tianma said that on the basis of the transparency of the first generation > 60%, the second-generation products can achieve higher transmittance and larger size by optimizing pixel design and refined TFT stacking process. By optimizing pixel design and refined TFT The stacking process achieves higher transmittance, larger size and better uniformity. According to reports, the product can be applied to windows and windshield displays.

Micro LED生态联盟大会在厦门开幕


7.56' Flexible Micro LED Display

The third product is a 7.56' flexible Micro LED display. Tianma said that this product is the world's first Micro LED display with an inward bending radius of 5mm. It adopts a PI substrate and a packaging method suitable for flexibility, and is compatible with inward and outward bending. . The display screen has a resolution of 720*480 and a pixel density of 114PPI. It adopts LTPS TFT drive technology and has bright colors, which can be used in automotive display and other fields.

Micro LED生态联盟大会在厦门开幕


11.6' Rigid Micro LED Display

The fourth product is a 11.6' rigid Micro LED display, which is said to be the world's first high-resolution mid-size Micro LED display, matching the display requirements of high-end vehicle central control or instrumentation: screen size >10', PPI>200. The display screen has a resolution of 2470*960 and a pixel density of 228PPI. It adopts LTPS TFT drive technology and can be widely used in automotive display and other fields.

Micro LED生态联盟大会在厦门开幕

Image source: Tianma Microelectronics Public Account

Tianma believes that Micro LED has technical advantages such as higher stability, longer life, transparent display, infinite splicing, etc., and is suitable for vehicle applications.

At the meeting, Qin Feng, general manager of Tianma Innovation Center, emphasized that Tianma's Micro LED technology is aimed at the automotive display field, and Tianma will focus on development in several aspects such as driving, high light efficiency, reliability, high transparency, high PPI splicing, and low reflection. , some technologies have achieved industry-leading results in 2021.

Among them, Tianma’s second-generation driving technology has achieved significant improvements in Micro LED gray-scale efficiency and gray-scale color shift; Tianma’s high-luminous-efficiency backplane technology has increased light efficiency by about 50%; the developed high-water-oxygen backplane technology, TFT backplane High temperature and high humidity performance has been significantly optimized.

It is understood that Tianma has been in the field of Micro LED for many years, and has carried out a lot of technical development in the fields of Micro LED technology such as flexibility, high transparency and splicing display.

In 2019, Tianma invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary Hubei Changjiang New Display Industry Innovation Center in Wuhan, Hubei, focusing on the research and development of OLED technology through an independent research and development test line platform, and carried out compatibility expansion and equipment optimization for long-term technologies such as Micro LED.

At the 2020 DIC exhibition, Tianma and Chichuang Technology launched a 7.56-inch AM Micro LED display with a resolution of 720*480 (114PPI) and a transparency of over 60%. (LEDinside finishing)