Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street

Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street

Changchun National High-tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the first batch of state-level high-tech zones established with the approval of the State Council in 1991. It is located in the southwest of Changchun City, known as 'Science and Technology City' and 'Cultural City', with a total area of 78.6 square kilometers. Since the establishment of the zone, Changchun High-tech Zone has taken 'development of high technology and realization of industrialization' as its purpose, continuous innovation in the spirit of reform, and planning and development with an open mind, creating an extraordinary speed of construction and development. Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street will comprehensively enhance the city's comprehensive service capabilities, gradually strengthen the environmental improvement work, and build a modern new city with perfect functions, suitable for business, tourism, and business.


LED-3D interactive bead curtain screen is a new type of LED-3D three-dimensional screen, which integrates the advantages of flexible, foldable and seamless LED strips. It realizes the shocking effect of 3D stereoscopic video, and abandons the shortcoming of the signal interruption of the conventional LED flexible screen and the LED serial light bar that affects the transmission. It is the carrier of the designer's design inspiration. The crystal clear lamp body, the dense inner and outer sparse layout design and the 3D digital dynamic three-dimensional effect are the best choice for indoor and outdoor display. 3D has created a new era of vision. For this reason, the commercial street shopping center built with the concept of '3D, sound, light, and shadow' will be the beginning of a new trend in the future. At the moment of attracting consumer traffic, come and experience this together. Wonderful visual feast.


An Introduction

In the middle of Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street Plaza, a transparent prismatic light string with built-in LED light source is suspended to form an abstract artistic shape; a cylindrical transparent glass cover is installed on the outside of the bead curtain screen, which can prevent salt spray and is fully waterproof when placed outdoors. Windproof, anti-winding structure design, 360-degree light. When the lights are lit, a beautiful 3D light sculpture is formed, coupled with QR code interaction, it attracts more tourists to stop and experience, and realize the perfect effect of human-light interaction. Controlled by professional 3D playback demonstration software, the 3D image can be synchronized with the sound to achieve the perfect harmony and unity of 'sound, light and image', bringing super visual impact and shock to tourists, and attracting people to stop to a greater extent. watch.


1. High brightness

    The light source of the light bar adopts 3535 surface-mounted lamp beads, and the color consistency is very good.

2. High grayscale, high refresh

    The screen body adopts static control chip, and the gray level can reach 65536 levels. The product starts to gray from 1, and can achieve low brightness and high gray. Screen refresh rate ≥ 2000HZ.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

    The signal of each group of light bars is isolated, does not affect each other, and is easy to install; it is strong enough, durable and simple and practical, easy to install and maintain.

4. Good visual effect

    3D video display, rendering the strongest visual impact, the most shocking three-dimensional video effect; it is installed in a single group and in the form of a composite body to achieve the screen effect requirements;

5. Ultra-light weight

    The single lamp bead on the screen is only 0.01kg, which is strong enough, durable and practical. Easy installation reduces labor and shipping costs.

6. The interactive device is simple

    Only a mobile phone can realize QR code interaction, enhancing the audience's experience.

Product parameters

Lamp Bead SpecificationsSMD3535
String size


Beam angleHorizontal and vertical:360°
single power0.375W/beads
pixel pitchpoint spacing125mm
refresh rate>2000Hz
Protection classIP54
drive modeStatic constant current drive
Operating temperature-20℃~50℃
service life≥50000 h
Relevant certificationCE ROHS FCC





Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street


Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street
Changchun High-tech Xingu Commercial Street
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