Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center

Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center

Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center has an exhibition area of more than 200,000 square meters, with 12 modern large-scale exhibition halls and 3 large-scale conference centers (North Conference Center, South Conference Center, and Lobby Conference Center, with a total of nearly 100 conference rooms), which makes the It has become an efficient platform for creating business opportunities and establishing business contacts. The internal facilities of the IFEMA Exhibition Center in Madrid, Spain are very complete.


Corresponding facilities in the exhibition hall are readily available, not only cafes, fast food restaurants, parking lots, etc., but also travel agencies, post offices, airline ticket offices, police offices and other institutions that exhibitors and visitors may use. . The design of each exhibition hall of the Madrid Exhibition Center is relatively unique. Each exhibition hall can become an independent exhibition area, and can be connected with one or several other exhibition halls to form a very large and complete exhibition area.


The IFEMA Exhibition Center in Madrid, Spain is an important exhibition venue in Madrid. It hosts more than 80 highly specialized events every year. According to the official data in 2016, the IFEMA Exhibition Center has a total area of more than 1.4 million square meters each year, attracting 42,000 exhibitors. There are 4.5 million home and exhibition buyers, and it plays a pivotal role in the international exhibition industry.


product description

LED grille screen is a new type of LED display, which integrates the advantages of high definition and high quality of conventional LED display, and high grayscale of LED lamps, eliminating the influence of signal interruption of LED display and LED tube. The disadvantage of transmission is that it is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor display.


  1. High transmittance: The width of the light bar is less than 7.8mm, which makes the transmittance of the product as high as 52%. The screen is installed on the inside or outside of the glass curtain wall, which does not affect the lighting in the building.

  2. High brightness: The light source of the light bar adopts high brightness DIP1R1G1B, the color consistency is very good, and the brightness of the display screen reaches more than 15000cd/m², which can safely meet the needs of bright screen during the day.

  3. Flexible control: The light bar control signal is transmitted in parallel, each light bar can work independently, and any removal will not affect the work of other light bars.

  4. Easy to maintain: The light bar can be maintained before or after.

  5. Ultra-light weight: the weight of the screen body per square is less than 18 kg, which is convenient for quick installation.

  6. High protection grade: protection grade IP66.

Product parameters

Lamp Bead Specifications1R1G1B
Cell sizeW256mm*H1024mm*D88mm
Beam angleHorizontal and vertical:120°/60°
Maximum power800W/㎡
Average power260W/㎡
Pixel pitch

Center distance between two points16mm,center


Light bar size7.8mm*1024mm
Light bar resolution2pix*64pix/Group
pixel density3906pix/㎡
Refresh rate>11520Hz
Protection classIP66
Operating temperature-20℃~45℃
service life≥50000 h






       In order to improve the lighting effect of night landscape and fully highlight the characteristics of landmark buildings, a light weight, high brightness, strong permeability, low wind load, high definition, high grayscale, flexible control, long-distance transmission, and easy maintenance are required. The display screen is used to achieve the night scene lighting effect, and Minghao's P16 grille screen fully meets the requirements of this project.


Live shot of the display




Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center


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Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center
Madrid IFEMA Exhibition Center