Philippines Project

The Philippines

The Republic of the Philippines, or the Philippines for short, is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is a multi-ethnic archipelago country in Southeast Asia, with an area of 299,700 square kilometers and a population of about 102 million (November 2019).


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Screen effect






High transmittance

The width of the light bar is less than 8mm, which makes the transparency of the product as high as 50%, and the screen is installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall or

Outside, it does not affect the lighting in the building. Installed on the top of the building, the high permeability can effectively reduce wind resistance.



high brightness

The light bar light source adopts high brightness surface mount 3535 package LED, with good color consistency and display brightness up to 5500

Above cd/㎡, it can fully meet the needs of bright screen in the daytime.



Easy to maintain

The LED light bar can be maintained in the front or in the rear, which can be selected according to the application of the display.

If the display screen is installed on the outer wall of the building, the replacement of the light bar shall be carried out in the previous maintenance method;

The display screen is installed on the inner side of the glass curtain wall, and it is more convenient to replace the light bar with post-maintenance.



Flexible control

The light bar control signal is transmitted in parallel, each light bar can work independently, any removal of one will not affect its

The work of the light bar, and the length of the light bar can be customized arbitrarily, so that it can adapt to the complex installation environment and

The need for irregular display shape.



High protection level

Protection class IP66, indoor or outdoor application. And the light bar is made of high-strength aviation-grade extruded aluminum, and the surface is

Special environmental protection dichromate solution is used for film treatment, so that the product has good heat dissipation and anti-corrosion performance.



Ultra light weight

The weight of the screen body per square is less than 18 kg, which is convenient for quick installation and can reduce labor and transportation costs.

P16 LED 格栅屏


像素间距/ Pixel Pitch


像素密度 / Pixel Density


单元分辨率 / Pixel per Tile


像素构成 / LED Configuration

SMD 3-in-1

亮度 / Brightness(CD/㎡)


视角 / Viewing Angle


通透率/ Transparency


单元尺寸 / Tile dimension(WxHxD)

1024mm x 256mm x 88mm

单元重量 / Tile Weight


防护等级 / IP(Front & Rear)


灰度等级 / Grey Scale


扫描方式 / Scan

静态 / Static

刷新率 / Refresh Rate


工作电压 / Voltage


单元最大功率 / Max Power per Tile

200W /块

控制方式 / Control Mode

联机,脱机 / Computer or SD card

灯条方向 / Strip Orientation

横向,竖向 / Horizontal or Vertical

安装方式 / Installation


使用寿命 / Lifetime


工作温度/湿度 / Operating Temp/Humidity


储存温度/湿度 / Storage Temp/Humidity


Philippines Project


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